EMiliYAH and The MightyZ All Stars

Emilia 'Emiliyah' Witkiewicz - Singer

Originally from Warsaw, she is a true vocal phenomenon.  Without doubt the most exciting new talent on the Reggae scene.  Never formally trained, she started her musical journey with Jazz, Blues and Soul music before finally choosing.... Reggae.

Singing from her heart always, Emiliyah has already worked with names like Janet Kay, Vivian Jones, Winston Reedy, Kenny Knots and Starky Banton... to name but a few.

Stuart 'MightyZ' Inglis - Bass Guitarist

Stuart co founded Portsmouth's first ever Reggae band 'Sound System back in the early 80s.  Sound System supported some of the big names in UK Reggae in the 80s, including Winston Reedy and Talisman.  Since then he has worked on recordings with artists such as Susan Cadogan and Vivian Jones.

Stuart now has a regular Reggae radio show on on Monday evenings at 9pm till 10pm, after his Sou Ska Show from 8pm till 9pm.

Bri Cotter - Guitar

Born in Zambia and bought up listening to everything from African to Irish Folk music, Bri is a relative newcomer to Reggae music, having played a mixture of acoustic folk, ska and ska punk in the past.  He has confounded everyone by attaining that reggae sound that has taken others years to master.  Bri adds solidity to the band with his metronomic timing and, as always...feels happy and blessed just being there!

J Sealy - Drums and Cajon

 A Multi-talented individual, not only a drummer but a versatile producer and songwriter with amazingly soulful heart-stealing voice.

Owner of Alpha J Music Production, he is an experienced music coach and mentor.  As a drummer he travelled the world playing Gospel, Jazz and Hip Hop, before joining The MightyZ All Stars in 2016 to play Reggae for the first time.

James 'The Jazz Priest' Richardson - Keyboards

As a child growing up in Bermuda, Reggae music was always a major influence on James' music and life philosophy. He find that anywhere he went in the world people could relate to the philosophy of One Love and unity through the power of Reggae music. Like all of the band, James believes it is truly a blessing to spread the philosophy of Oneness and Love through Reggae music. Music is Life!





Clinton 'Rock' Jones - Lead Guitar

Guitarist, songwriter and session player, from Manchester NW England, started playing guitar since early teens, self-taught, turned professional  at 16 performing at social clubs and events with various bands.  In 1978 signed to Factory Records run by Tony Wilson which involved working with legendary producer Dennis Bovell. Influences in music are jazz, soul, blues, reggae and rock, performing and backing many bands and artists including Hot Chocolate, Barry Biggs, Susan Cadogan, Real Thing, Janet Kay and Sweet Sensation.  Some of the great musicians I admire are Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon  and George Benson.

See Clinton in action in these video links:

Men With Voices with Kareem Shabazz

Emiliyah and Friends live at Hootananny

Ryddim Kings Band live at Hootananny