EMiliYAH and The MightyZ All Stars

We are MORE than excited to announce the release date for our new EP 'EASY'.
Released on 07/07/2017!!!!

is a collection of 4 original tracks recorded at the wonderful MAYFIELD STUDIOS in Portsmouth, with the vocals recorded at ALPHA J STUDIOS in London, then mixed, mastered and released through our own Rainbow Ark Studio.

All four tracks are original compositions with music by Stuart ‘MightyZ’ Inglis and Christian Cowlin and with the beautiful inspiriting lyrics all written by EMiliYAH.
Our aim has always been and always will be, to spread love through music,
and these songs were written with a message of spiritual upliftment that we feel is especially poignant, relevant and more needed in these days of fear, hate, and confusion than ever before.
Only love can conquer fear and hate.
ONE LOVE through music.
It will be available on CD as well as for digital download, details to follow