EMiliYAH and The MightyZ All Stars

Emiliyah joined forces with the MightyZ All Stars in 2012 and since then things have gone from strength to strength. Emiliyah's songs together with riddims from MightyZ and Christian Cowlin mean the band has a wealth of new and original Reggae music to offer.
Emiliyah, the band and its individual members have worked with a whole host of big Reggae names, both in the studio and in live shows. The list includes many legendary names, including The Wailers, Big Youth, Vivian Jones, Susan Cadogan and many more.

During 2012 the band went through changes to its line up and are ready for an exciting summer in 2013 with masses of gigs lined up around the country, including an appearance with the legendary Aba Shanti I Sound System.

I will be adding more blogs in attempt to tell the full story of how we got to this point -  but it is a long story ;) - so I will tell it little by little!