EMiliYAH and The MightyZ All Stars


by Emiliyah and the Mightyz All Stars

Released 2013
Rainbow Ark
Released 2013
Rainbow Ark
Reggae in a Roots Lovers style
Original recording made at Basstone Studios (Battersea), Vocal recordings at the bands own facilities.
Engineers: Christian Cowlin, Aaron Harry (instrument recording) and Myles Inglis (vocal recording)
Producer: Christian Cowlin
Co-Producers: Emiliyah and MightyZ
Vocal mixdowns: Christian Cowlin
Dub Mixes: Stuart 'MightyZ' Inglis
Cover Design: Zuza Tehanu in consultation with Emiliyah and the MightyZ All Stars
Cover Photography: Zuza from Zuza Tehanu Photography
Copyright 2013: All Rights Reserved by Emiliyah and the MightyZ All Stars
Rainbow Ark CD001

Vocals: Emilia 'Emiliyah' Witkiewicz
Bass and Pick Guitar: Stuart ' MightyZ' Inglis
Keyboards: Christian Cowlin
Rhythm Guitar: Bri Cotter
Drums and Percussion: Simon Cunningham

Emiliyah and the MightyZ All Stars

Emiliyah joined forces with the MightyZ All Stars in 2012 and since then things have gone from strength to strength. Emiliyah's songs together with riddims from MightyZ and Christian Cowlin mean the band has a wealth of new and original Reggae music to offer.
Emiliyah, the band and its individual members have worked with a whole host of big Reggae names, both i...See more
Emilia 'Emiliyah' Witkiewicz
Originally from Warsaw, she is a true vocal phenomenon. Without doubt the most exciting new talent on the Reggae scene.
Never formally trained , she started her musical journey with Jazz , Blues and Soul music to finally choose ...Reggae. Singing from her heart always, Emiliyah already has worked with names like Janet Kay, Vivian Jones, Winston Reedy , Kenny Knots , Starkey Banton.. to name but a few.

Stuart ‘MightyZ’ Inglis
– switched from guitar to Bass in the late 70s after discovering Dub Reggae and has never looked back and been a total bass head since! MightyZ Co founded Portsmouth’s first Reggae band ‘Sound System’ at the beginning of the 1980s. Sound System supported some of the great acts of the 1980s, including Winston Reedy and Talisman. Recently Stuart has worked on recordings for famous names such as Susan Cadogan, Vivian Jones and Winston Francis.

Christian Cowlin
Christian brings a wealth of professional Reggae experience to the band, having played keyboards for the The Wailers and The Original Wailers. Christian learnt his art under the guidance of none other than Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett! He has also worked with many other Reggae legends, such as Junior Marvin, Janet Kay, Aswad and UB40.

Simon Cunningham
– Brings a wealth of drumming experience and finally bought real drums to the band after years of reliance on electronic drums. Simon is also something of a wizard with electronics and there just isn’t anything he doesn’t know about microphones.

Bri Cotter
Bri is something of a newcomer to playing Reggae guitar, but has confounded everyone by achieving that perfect Reggae sound and timing that others spend years trying to get. Bri has bought a solidity to the band with his devotion to duty and metronomic timing.